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Apple will beta-test Sign in with Apple, designed to protect iOS users’ privacy, later this year. The feature allows people to login to apps with Face ID, while preventing third-party firms and the app developers themselves from gathering (or sharing) user data. If someone wants to sign up for an app but not submit their email address, Apple will generate a random one. Beyond being better for users, Apple believes its anti-fraud, two-factor authentication means developers can be sure their users are people (not bots).

With 1.8 million apps in the App Store, Apple is flexing its enormous (monopoly!) power to set expectations around data and privacy. Apple will require every app that currently offers third-party sign in – typically through Google or Facebook – to also offer Sign in with Apple. This is a monumental update, here’s what it means for you:

Convenience without sacrifice. Third-party sign in is convenient, yes, but doing so compromises even our most personal personal data: our health information. One report found signing in to ovulation apps through Facebook means the company can determine when its users try to get pregnant (see the do’s and don’ts of health data in our latest paid report on The Future of Wellbeing). Apple’s move proves that a seamless UX needn’t force users to choose between convenience and security. This is where Facebook falters. Which brings us to our next point…

Time to step up. You already know that Facebook’s handling of data isn’t exactly in high regard. Not that Apple is perfect either! But Tim Cook and the gang saw where Facebook’s reputation was and pounced. Are you bold enough to step in when another company is weakened?

Ageless values. In 2007, Steve Jobs asserted companies must ask for permission to use customer data repeatedly, and “make them tell you to stop asking them if they get tired of your asking them.” Twelve years later, a freaking lifetime in today’s fast-paced marketplace, Apple’s focus on privacy and trust is more relevant than ever. So when you choose a value to stand for, choose one that will continue to unlock opportunities down the road. As with Volvo’s focus on safety, the right values are platforms you can innovate around for a generation to come!