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Launched in Thailand during April this year, Virgin Active’s CPROBIC class combines fitness with learning life-saving skills. Members can burn more than 400 calories in class while learning from CPR-certified trainers. CPROBIC was created after their research revealed that only 6% of patients needing on-the-spot CPR receive it before reaching the hospital, as most Thais have very little CPR practice.

Regular readers will know exactly why we are excited about this innovation, as it’s packed with applicable insights. First, it’s grounded in a real pain point around this most basic of human needs. After all, who would actively decide not to learn how to save someone’s life if we had the opportunity?! And it’s not just Thai people who lack this knowledge: only 2.4% of Americans are trained in CPR: worrying stuff, given that it’s mandatory for schools in 39 states to provide training (not even all 50 states 😬).

Second, it speaks to a very modern consumer desire: relentlessly cramming more into every moment in the quest to be as productive as humanly possible. Even though we’re aware of how important CPR is, most of us don’t have time to learn it – or at least won’t make the time. But a lot of us do spend time and money on gym memberships. Why not learn how to save a life while you work out? It’s a win-win that betterment-seeking, time-pressured consumers will thank you for.

So we challenge you: could you pair up with another industry to add meaningful value (and incentive) to both, while saving everyone time and effort?

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