TrendWatching Consumer Trend Radar Canvas
TrendWatching Consumer Trend Radar Canvas

The Consumer Trend Radar

There is no shortage of exciting, intriguing, emerging consumer trends. But...which ones are 'for you', empowering meaningful growth within your company? 

Our Consumer Trend Radar helps you focus, prioritize and visualize key trends in a few easy steps. 

Who Is It For?

Consumer-facing organizations

The radar can form the basis of a powerful annual or even multi-year Purposed Trend-Driven strategy planning session. It can be used to establish a clear strategy for your entire organization or a specific department or team.

Agencies and Consultancies

Use the radar to identify and plan the application of trends that are important to a (new) client. 

Who is the Consumer Trend Radar for? Who is the Consumer Trend Radar for?

What to expect with the Consumer Trend Radar?



What To Expect?

Your end result will be a clear, one-page visual of your Purposed Trend-Driven strategy, outlining the trends that matter most to your business & how and when to apply them


There’s no 'right answer' when it comes to developing your Purposed Trend-Driven strategy. That’s because your decisions on which trends to apply, along with the when and how, are rooted in the specifics of your organization - where it finds itself today and where you want to take it.

The three steps on this page are your guide to getting there.


Consumer Trend Radar and Trend-Driven Strategy Consumer Trend Radar and Trend-Driven Strategy
TrendWatching Consumer Trend Radar Step 1 TrendWatching Consumer Trend Radar Step 1

Step 1: Select 6-8 trends using one of the following approaches:

If you have access to TrendWatching Premium, turn to the Trend Mapper to enter your industry and the main areas of focus, and receive recommendations of trends to explore.

Scan the Trend Framework and its 16 Key Consumer Trends and consider if, in the future, you want your business to fit within these trend. Select the 6-8 that most apply. If you can’t decide, then run one session using the first 8, and another for the second 8.

If you don't have access to TrendWatching Premium, you can also read our free MakeShift and Innovations of the Day publications, and use these globally relevant, curated trends to explore what they mean to your business.

Step 2.

Explore The Opportunities


Put trends to work in solving your business challenges and delivering against your goals

TrendWatching Consumer Trend Radar Step 2 TrendWatching Consumer Trend Radar Step 2
TrendWatching Consumer Trend Radar before you start TrendWatching Consumer Trend Radar before you start



Before you start plotting trends on the radar, you need to explore the opportunities they present to the future direction of your business and how they will impact its growth.

To guide your thinking, start by considering how the trend relates to your purpose, mission, vision, goals, business challenges, capabilities, resources and more. In other words, ask yourself and your team members:

’What can this trend do for us?’

Step 3.

Plot The Trends

Plot each trend on the radar, based on three core areas:

  • Innovation Type
  • Priority
  • Response
TrendWatching Consumer Trend Radar Step 3 Plot the Trends TrendWatching Consumer Trend Radar Step 3 Plot the Trends

A. Innovation Type

In which area of my business will we apply this trend?

Using the four types of innovation below, consider the area(s) of your business where each trend will provide an opportunity:

  • New Brand Vision
  • New Business Model
  • New Product / Service / Experience
  • New Marketing Campaign

In a bit more detail...

Will you use this trend to reconfigure your organisation's mission or vision? To generate a new business model? To create a new product, service, or experience? Or will it inform new marketing campaigns?
Yes, each of these four categories are areas for innovation, well beyond the single product or service category we often think of.

Of course, many trends can, and often should, impact more than one—or even all—of these levels. 


You can write the same trend on multiple Post-it notes (IRL or in, for example, Miro), and place it in different parts of the radar.

B. Your Priorities

When will you apply the trend?

Using the three levels of priority below, consider when will you apply the trend?

> 'Now'

Within 6 months? Get started today.

>> 'Next'

Within 6 to 24 months? Start planning for the planning. 

>>> 'Beyond'

Keep an eye on things but not a priority, yet.


It is difficult (if nearly impossible) to apply every important trend right away. So, which are both urgent and important for now, and which can be left for later, with a true commitment plan to literally keep them on your radar in the months and years ahead?

C. Your Business Response

What level of commitment will you need to apply the trend?

How intensely will you apply the trend to your business?


Launch new products, services or campaigns, quickly. No excuses.


Requires serious innovation commitment, including time, money, and multiple teams or departments.


This leads to fundamental shifts in purpose, mission or vision, using resources from across your organization.


Unlock the true power of this tool and invite others to workshop your Purposed Trend-Driven strategy with you. Be it your direct team, your C-suite leadership, or brilliant brains from across your organization. Make sure you also download our free Consumer Trend Canvas, which helps you apply the trends you've prioritised with the radar - and end up with winning, meaningful innovations. Good luck!

Want us to run this workshop for you? Reach out to Matthijs van Waveren, our Business Development Director, at

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