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Finnish capital Helsinki launched a lighthearted campaign called City as a Service in an attempt to attract new tech talent. A platform and video pitches the CaaS to viewers, explaining that Helsinki has ‘over 640,000 daily active users’ and boasts an ‘API’ that supports excellent healthcare and public transport. Meanwhile, the city’s Mayor – billed as the CEO – explains that the winter darkness and flat skyline are not technical bugs but ‘carefully considered features’. Visitors to the platform are encouraged to apply for a ‘free demo trip’; 15 people will be chosen for a free trip to Helsinki in November.

Great bantz, Helsinki. But there are powerful takeaways for any team:

💡Reframe the value. Yes, this campaign is centred around a joke – but it’s a clever one. Relaunching Helsinki as the world’s first ‘City as a Service’ is also an engaging way to reframe the value that this city offers inhabitants, and persuade the target audience (tech-savvy professionals) to take a second look. How could you create an arresting comparison – playful or otherwise – that would allow you to reframe the value of your offering, and cause people to look at you with fresh eyes? Humour goes a long way!

💡Talent Quest. This example should serve as a reminder – if any were needed – that the race to attract the best talent is accelerating all the time. You need to respond! So when you’re thinking about reframing your value, don’t just consider customers; this technique can be powerful when it comes to prospective new team members, too. Can you run a reframing campaign that causes talent to to take a second look at the value you can offer them?

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