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In May 2018, music streaming platform Spotify teamed up with Fundación Triángulo – a non-profit organisation promoting LGBT and gender equality – to launch an anti-harassment advert that turns the tables on male harassers. The ad features a female voice ‘complimenting’ the listener – afterwards a male voice explains: “You have just been harassed and you have not been able to skip this ad. The same thing happens to women who endure an average of one minute of harassment a day. Do not harass, respect.”

Gender relations and the #MeToo movement are understandably daunting to many brands. However Spotify isn’t shying away from sending a strong message: the catcalls in the ad aren’t pleasant (including “bring that carrot here, my bunny is hungry.”) Ugh.😖 The campaign, which is only played to male listeners, is a powerful way to make an important issue very real and personal to an audience who likely haven’t experienced such harassment previously.

Ask yourself:

  • Which values are your organization prepared to be this bold and ‘in your face’ about?
  • How, like the likes of Spotify and previously-featured Excedrin, can you use new tech to create empathy?
  • Which new channels can you tap into to make your message both relevantly targeted and ‘unskippable’?

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