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1. TrendWatching Premium

Our trend intelligence platform.
A world-leading platform with all the world-class guidance, tools and trend content you could need to help you adapt and strategize at speed. Purpose-built to action all sorts of innovation. Available for individuals or teams. 

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2. TrendWatching Bespoke

Commission our guidance. Customize it to your needs.
Personalized guidance, research, and content from our Trend Analysts and spotters in Amsterdam, New York, Singapore, London, Berlin, Bangkok, São Paulo, Joburg and beyond, focusing on the 2021-and-beyond-trends that matter most to you. Heavily centered on keynotes, online workshops, webinars and custom trend reports. 

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3. TrendWatching Academy

Learn new skills to identify and act on trends with our Purpose-Driven Innovation methodology, with our 25-lesson, self-paced online video course.

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