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This month beauty retailer Sephora is kicking off Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community, a free 90-minute makeup class for transgender and non-binary customers. Taking place at 150 Sephora locations across the US, the sessions aid participants in best expressing their identity through makeup. The program is led by transgender Sephora employees, who developed it over the course of two years. Sephora’s trans makeup artists will post tutorials on YouTube for those that can’t make it to an in-store class.

With this initiative, Sephora is demonstrating its dedication to understanding customers and helping them get the most out of their offering. It’s a lesson for any business that wants to make the leap from a transactional customer relationship to something deeper (and longer lasting).

But that’s not all. This solution fits like a glove into PRACTICAL POST-DEMOGRAPHICS, featured in our hot-off-the-press Future of Retail report. Sephora didn’t just dip its toe into inclusive marketing, and consider it ‘enough’ to feature a trans model in a campaign or two. This is about serving underserved and oft-ignored consumers in a meaningful way. And, the retailer didn’t half-ass the R&D. For two years, it worked with its trans employees (knowledgeable in beauty and their community) and proved its commitment to getting it right.

Whether you’re in beauty or another industry, this is an initiative your team can get inspired by. Can your brand collaborate with underserved individuals to figure out what they need, and serve them accordingly? You too, can make the leap from selling to supporting!

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