Bespoke Trend Reports

Over the years, we have collaborated with more than 50+ brands worldwide on tailored, ready-to-share trend reports, illustrated by key innovation examples from clients' industries.

Designed to save you time, tap into our analysts’ expertise and educate yourself and your colleagues.

Either direct us to the topics you want us to cover (based on your team or company's challenges, goals and opportunities) or let us bring you the need-to-know trends & innovations we think you should focus on.


A few recent Client case studies




This report identified emerging opportunities within the broader realm of customization. It broke down the different motivations and best practices in active customization and passive personalization, while showcasing the growing automation of that process. It also featured a look at how customers' curation of Van's digital brand would impact their real world brand  expectations.



We delivered a custom report on consumer trends and innovations in F&B and Alcoholic Drinks, Lifestyle, and Socializing for Diageo's regional innovation team of a global alcoholic drinks brand. Our analysis helped Diageo identify opportunities for white space innovations.


US medical tech company

This report scanned 8 key trends and related globally-sourced innovations centred around around new product launches. From counterintuitive uses of crowdsourcing to medical brands' pop-ups to free trial strategies, the findings inspired and guided the launch strategy of the client’s medical devices.


French automotive manufacturer

For over two years, we worked in an advisory role with this leading car brand, creating in-depth research reports focused on product innovation. Our findings helped our client curate in-house exhibitions and installations that brought to life trends and opportunities for all employees.


Global diaper brand

Our most recent bespoke trend report focused on emerging consumer behaviors and business opportunities for 2020-2023. From sleep and wellness to sustainability and personalization, we identified nine relevant themes and best-practice innovations, while also incorporating the brand’s own research into suggested implications. To inspire internal discussions around the trends, each one was plotted on our Consumer Trend Radar, which helps 'unpack' a trend and turn it into multiple innovations. We added real-time challenges and opportunities posed by the current Covid pandemic.


European sportswear manufacturer

We delivered a 'deep dive' report into consumer trends and innovations shaping the future of retail in China. The client, one of Europe's largest sportswear manufacturers, leveraged the insights to craft local retail strategies specific to Chinese consumers.


Walt Disney

This report explored the key trends that are shaping consumers' expectations around interactivity and gaming. It included a look at the latest in intuitive interfaces (such as voice and gesture control) and how digital platforms are connecting players in the real world.




We delivered several custom trend reports on various sectors, including beauty and personal care in North-East Asia and e-commerce in South-East Asia. Each report served as a high-level overview of emerging consumer expectations relevant to the sector, highlighted best-in-class innovations from the region of interest, as well as helped Unilever pinpoint innovation opportunities for the vertical.


To discuss what kind of trend report we can do for/with you, contact Dee G, our Account Director.

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