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Our trend intelligence platform – TrendWatching Premium – is designed to help you stay up to date and act on the world's consumer trends and innovations with ease.

It has all the trend-driven tools and content you could need to fuel your strategy, marketing, research, and innovation – and it's curated non-stop by our worldwide analyst team who fill it with Trend Reports, Monthly Updates, Industry Updates, Trends, Innovations, and much, much more. 

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Fuel every project and plan with insights based on current consumer trends

Whatever your project, product or campaign – knowing what consumers will respond to is crucial. With Premium, you can plan strategies and projects around key consumer trends so they have true impact.

TrendWatching Premium is the product of 20+ years of honing our methodology and researching the world's consumer trends and innovations.

We break down our insights in an easily accessible way across:

  • 16+ industries
  • 16+ mega-trends
  • 210+ trends
  • 25,000+ innovations covering 90+ countries. 
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Trusted by professionals across industries.

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" incredible amount of resources and examples to discover and learn from"

Arpad Michaux
Market Research

"TrendWatching's Premium service is a great vehicle to start any planning activities."

Anna Wenslaw
Strategy & Research

6 key features – with new ones added constantly

With Premium, you keep getting value out of your subscription. Our platform is updated with new content daily, and periodically receives brand new features like Ask an Analyst and our Slack-hosted Innovations Lab.

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1. Trend Reports 📕

Get access to our library of trend reports. All of our other topic-specific and localized reports, spanning half a decade.

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2. Industry Updates 📅

Industry Updates for 16 key B2C industries. Released every month and every quarter.

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3. Trend Framework 👉🏽

16 Mega Trends and 180 related sub-trends. Key inspiration and guidance on where consumerism is headed. 




4. Innovations Database 🔎

25,000+ innovations, fully searchable and including insights, tagged by trend and industry, updated daily. 

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5. Ask An Analyst 🗣

Message or call our international analysts about any of our trends and innovations.

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6. Innovations Lab 👩‍🔬

Get a 24/7 sneak peek into emerging industry innovations with our Slack channel. Updated daily.

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"I don't have the time to research in-depth information on trends, so Premium is the perfect source for finding everything in one place."

Robert Schermann
Director of Social Relations
Exit Media

"I use Premium regularly, at least once a week I log in to check the latest innovation examples and reports"

Name withheld
Worldwide EU-based furniture chain store
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When you experience everything our trend intelligence platform can give you – you'll wonder how you ever did without it as a team member.

Get a demo by following the link below and unlock resources such as trend reports and videos that explain how powerful and versatile our trend intelligence platform is.

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Confidence guarantee 🤝

Need to first see if the Premium service is for you? No worries, we have lots of ways you can preview the service from demos and videos to trial accounts.

No risk guarantee ✅

We offer a no-risk guarantee: if, after purchasing, you feel Premium is not for you after all, then just let us know within four weeks of your purchase and we will refund you in full.