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The TrendWatching Team

The TrendWatching Team

How Can Businesses (Meaningfully) Show Up for Racial Justice?

By The TrendWatching Team, 30 July 2021
Did you miss Business of Purpose’s Q&A on showing up for racial justice? We recorded the event and distilled the conversation into some key takeaways.

Coca-Cola, Oxfam, WarnerMedia and More: TrendWatching’s June Gigs

By The TrendWatching Team, 6 July 2021
A blow-by-blow account of the webinars, workshops and presentations we thoughtfully crafted for brands in all four corners of the globe this June.

TrendWatching Unpicks 2021’s Most Innovative Pride Campaigns

By The TrendWatching Team, 25 June 2021
From Singapore to Sao Paulo (via Amsterdam), TrendWatching team members scattered across the globe share the 2021 Pride campaigns worth bookmarking.

Coming soon: TrendWatching Academy

By The TrendWatching Team, 20 October 2020
We will soon launch our Academy (‘The School of Meaningful Opportunity’) where you’ll be able to gain access to an unparalleled level of education in our Purpose-Driven Innovation (PDI) methodology. 

Introducing Purpose-Driven Innovation

By The TrendWatching Team, 12 October 2020
With help from Business of Purpose, we’ve taken our Trend-Driven Innovation methodology and added a layer of ‘purpose’ - Purpose-Driven Innovation (PDI).