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Sophie Caro

Sophie Caro

Introducing Make→Shift: Insights that drive change. Monthly. Free.

By Sophie Caro, 9 July 2020
We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of Make→Shift – a new, high quality, monthly-issued feature brought to you by the TrendWatching Global Content Team.

Nathania discussed Trend-Driven Innovation at The Innovation Cafe

By Sophie Caro, 2 July 2020
On Friday 26 June, Nathania Christy talked Trend-Driven Innovation and customer's expectations at The Innovation Cafe. Watch the full event.

Nathania took part in a panel discussion for The Economist Corporate Network

By Sophie Caro, 11 June 2020
On June 3rd, Nathania Christy, our Head of Academy, took part in a panel discussion for The Economist Corporate Network, together with Marc Sniukas.

Listen to the Eko Podcast with Nathania Christy and Steven Lammertink

By Sophie Caro, 2 June 2020
Nathania Christy, our Head of Academy at TrendWatching, discussed how COVID-19 changed consumer behaviour with Steven Lammertink, Founder of The Cirqle.

Get inspired by 100s of meaningful COVID-related innovations

By Sophie Caro, 9 April 2020 is a database of meaningful COVID-related innovations from around the world. Curated by us, segmented by industry and updated daily.

TW release 10 Trends for a Post-Corona World

By Sophie Caro, 18 March 2020
On Monday, 16 March, TW published a free report on 10 trends radically accelerated by the coronavirus crisis. Read it now.

Nathania presents to BBC in Singapore

By Sophie Caro, 11 March 2020
On Tuesday, 10th March, the Head of our Global Insight Network Nathania Christy presented 5 key Asia trends for 2020 to strategists at BBC Studios Singapore.

Livia heads to Amsterdam for Hogeschool

By Sophie Caro, 10 March 2020
On Monday, Senior Trend Strategist Livia Fioretti met with students at The Hogeschool van Amsterdam to review their work with our Consumer Trend Canvas.