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Sophie Caro

Sophie Caro

Nia at TechSauce Global Summit 2020 🇹🇭

By Sophie Caro, 30 November 2020
Nathania Christy, one of our Senior Trend Analysts took part of Techsauce Global Summit 2020 in Thailand! 🇹🇭

Our 2021 Trend Report is Live!

By Sophie Caro, 25 November 2020
The first volume of our 2021 Trend Report was just sent to our Premium clients. 

Five Inspirational Virtual Purpose Tours Taking Place in November

By Sophie Caro, 4 November 2020
Virtual Purpose Tours are video meetings where sustainable and purposed ‘business activists’ from all over the world come to digitally disseminate their inspiring stories of creating with a purposeful future embedded in everything they do.

Three more virtual purpose tours to join in October

By Sophie Caro, 2 October 2020
Our sister company, Business of Purpose, is organising three inspiring Virtual Purpose Tours this month.

Nia and Thomas just knocked out the first round of our Trend-Driven Innovation certification program!

By Sophie Caro, 17 September 2020
Head of Academy Nathania Christy and Head of Research Thomas Klaffke knocked out the first round of our Trend-Driven Innovation certification program.

The September edition of Make→Shift is now live!

By Sophie Caro, 11 September 2020
In this issue of Make→Shift, ‘The Fight For Facts’, we assess how global firms, governments and many more are responding to the need for truth.

Acacia and Victoria teamed up to share Key Trends For Post-Corona Consumerism

By Sophie Caro, 8 September 2020
Last Friday, Sept 4th, Acacia Leroy and Victoria Loomes teamed up to share 3 Key Trends For Post-Corona Consumerism at #zeemelt2020.

What We’ve Learned From Reviewing 1,000+ COVID Innovations

By Sophie Caro, 23 July 2020
Brought to you by TrendWatching and Business of Purpose, COVID Innovations launched in April 2020 to inspire businesses to innovate amid the COVID crisis.