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Robbie Hodges

Robbie Hodges

Analyst at TrendWatching

HEC Paris, QGlue, Verizon and More: TrendWatching’s July Gigs

By Robbie Hodges, 2 August 2021
From a keynote presentation for Qglue in India to a workshop with MBA students at HEC in Paris, here is a snapshot of what we got up to in July.

Travel Spotlight: Caravan Chic, Blimp my Ride and Astro-Training

By Robbie Hodges, 27 July 2021
Introducing… Industry Spotlight. Each month, a TW analyst puts an industry under the spotlight – sharing three ideas that will redefine Business As Usual. 

We Took to Instagram to Answer your Questions About Make→Shift: OMNIBILITY

By Robbie Hodges, 27 June 2021
We held an Instagram Q&A on Make→Shift: OMNIBILITY. Didn't catch it? Read this nifty excerpt or check out our IG Highlights for the full interview.  

Put Accessibility First by Downloading Our OMNIBILITY Style Guide

By Robbie Hodges, 8 June 2021
While researching OMNIBILITY, we invited people with experience of disabilities to brainstorm with us and created a new appendix to our style guide.

Pride Month: Five Forward-Thinking LGBTQ+ Initiatives You Should Know About

By Robbie Hodges, 8 June 2021
So you’re LGBTQ+ inclusive? Prove it. Level up your brand’s Pride efforts by taking a cue from these forward-thinking businesses and campaigns.

Explore MINDCRAFT: Read the articles behind our latest trend

By Robbie Hodges, 28 May 2021
Did our recent issue of Make→Shift pique your interest? Swot up on MINDCRAFT and plump your mental health toolkit with these articles and resources.