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One of the most transformational decades ever.

Whether in the current context of a global pandemic or the even bigger quest for wellbeing for all, we are more determined than ever to assist business professionals to bring meaningful innovations to market. 

From our base in Amsterdam, we’re deeply immersed in global innovations, trends and opportunities, 24/7, with local expertise being added by our Dutch analysts and dozens of spotters from Rotterdam to Utrecht to Eindhoven.

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Trusted by brands like KPN, Vodafone, Marktplaats,, and Philips.

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Our trends are driven by our proprietary methodology.

PDI – Purpose-Driven Innovation – is our analytical framework and methodology designed to guide professionals and the wider world in identifying and acting on meaningful business opportunities.

We have been using the core elements of this framework for over 10 years now, and our latest round of work guarantees it will continue to push the envelope in 2021, if not until 2030


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From our Innovation of the Day to our monthly MakeShift publication – we deliver fresh new ideas and insights to 9,000 Dutch professionals (and 100,000+ subscribers worldwide).

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PREMIUM | Get (way) ahead with our trend intelligence platform.

Used by hundreds of brands and agencies around the world (including dozens in the Netherlands), TrendWatching Premium is our trend intelligence platform – and it comes with full access to our Trend Framework, Innovation Database, Annual Trend Reports, Q&A with our Dutch Trend Analysts and more

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CUSTOM | Work with our 🇳🇱 analysts Erick, Joaquim and Camilla 1:1.

Our Amsterdam-based analysts, led by Erick Smet alongside Joaquim Moody and Camilla Van Grembergen, are assisted by our teams in Singapore, Berlin, New York, and London, and spotters in 60+ countries worldwide.

They can be commissioned for customized trend reports, webinars, and workshops. In Dutch or English. 

Interested? Just email Matthijs van Waveren. In Dutch or English 😉.

ACADEMY | Our online course in purpose-driven innovation.

We’ve just launched our Academy – in collaboration with Business of Purpose.

Learn new skills to identify and act on trends with our Purpose-Driven Innovation methodology, in a 25-lesson, self-paced, online video course.

Enroll for only USD 249 (approx EUR 205).
🏆 Certification included!

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 TrendWatching Nederland tw:in and Business of Purpose communities  TrendWatching Nederland tw:in and Business of Purpose communities

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Join tw:in, our spotters network and TrendWatching's extended content team, and Business of Purposeour sister-brand, and community for purpose-driven business professionals. Both communities have dozens of Dutch members, who are aiming to build a better, more purpose-driven business world through innovations, collaborations, and connections. 

TrendWatching's Head of Business Development, Matthijs van Waveren

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