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Mobile operators Movistar, Personal and Claro in Argentina now provide free mobile calls for women calling the country’s 144 hotline. The 144 number offers 24/7 advice and support for women facing or experiencing violence. Launched in December, the joint initiative is part of the efforts made by the government’s National Institute of Women of the Ministry of Social Development (INAM) to eliminate violence against women in Argentina.

Regular readers won’t be surprised to see another brand-led initiative focusing on tackling one of the many issues facing women, given the (long-overdue) raising of expectations in this area. However, this example stands out because it sets expectations about how companies might help. It’s less just about simply donating money, but about harnessing their core resources to aid a cause. Similarly, Anheuser-Busch used their bottling facilities to send water to Hurricane Harvey victims. Take a look at your company’s capabilities. Is there a product or service you’re uniquely positioned to provide (for free or at a discount) that would benefit those in need?

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