We’ve gone from carefree to conscious consumerism

The shift to more sustainable, inclusive consumerism is the trend of all trends. 2022-2030 will be crucial and transformational – with or without Covid.

It will also bring future-oriented brands the meaningful innovation opportunities of the decade. 

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" Today, companies are answering a new question and those that are getting it wrong will likely go the way of Blockbuster Video over the next decade. "

Aaron Hurst, The Purpose Economy, 2019


Purpose-Driven Innovation (PDI)

PDI is our analytical framework and methodology designed to guide professionals and the wider world in identifying and acting on meaningful business opportunities. We have been using the core elements of this framework for over 10 years now, and our latest round of work guarantees it will continue to push the envelope in the next 18 months, if not until 2030 😉.

By understanding and presenting the overwhelming world as one full of meaningful opportunities to discover and act upon, we hope to engage more sustainable innovation activity in brands, agencies, organizations, governments and ultimately, everyone.

PDI is an end-to-end methodology designed to help our clients:

  • Make a difference through innovation
  • Turn overwhelm into opportunity
  • Move from anticipating and meeting customer expectations to setting them


Meaningful Opportunities

Our analysts and global spotter network look at purposeful innovation, drawing on our extensive Trend Database with 190+ trends and our Innovation Database with 25,000+ innovations, and analyze how people’s basic needs are served in new ways. This is the basis of what we call a meaningful business opportunity. They arise through the lens we view the world with, and the 'rules we play by'. 

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The Four Fundamentals

Our PDI methodology uses 'Four Trend Fundamentals' based on our existing Trend-Driven Innovation principles. The four fundamentals to discover a meaningful opportunity ‘sweet spot’ are:


PDI: the rules we play by

To analyze a meaningful opportunity we view it through The Natural Step Framework. A truly sustainable and purposed innovation must abide by the following ‘rules’:

    1. Don’t extract from the earth
    2. Don’t produce harmful substances
    3. Don’t degrade nature
    4. Don’t overwork people (wellbeing)
    5. Everyone’s voice matters (inclusivity)
    6. Help people to self-develop (empowerment)
    7. Don’t discriminate (fairness/justice)
    8. Celebrate diversity

Adapted from A Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, Journal of Cleaner Production (Göran I Broman & Karl-Henrik Robèrt, 2015)

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