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US-based company LOLIWARE, which previously created an edible cup, exceeded its goal in a crowdfunding campaign for its edible LOLISTRAWS. Each straw is plastic-free, non-GMO, and compostable. The company aims to minimize environmental damage caused by plastic straw disposal, citing the fact that 500 million straws are used every day in the US alone. LOLIWARE plans to introduce LOLISTRAWS in places that generate high volumes of waste (such as stadiums). The product is made out of a seaweed-based substance and available in five flavors. It is set to retail for USD 15 (for a pack of 10) and will begin shipping in August.

First the cup, now the straw! We like that this company is tackling F&B-generated waste by making us rethink one piece of plasticware at a time. Although LOLIWARE is currently US-focused, it speaks to the greater amount of action we’re taking globally to combat plastic waste. Both Kenya and Rwanda, for example, just implemented the harshest penalties in history for those caught with plastic bags.

Once consumers see this product, they’ll never look at a simple plastic straw the same way again. And then they’ll look at something else equally ‘innocent’ and wonder why that isn’t compostable or even edible. The customer expects you to interrogate the end-to-end environmental impact of your offering with the same urgency that they interrogate their own personal impact. When something as small as a straw can make a big difference: how might you rework the life cycles of other, previously unconsidered products?

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