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In June, Mexico-based brewery Grupo Modelo won a bronze Lion award for its Corona beer Fit Packs at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The Fit Pack allows customers to stack up to 10 cans of Corona thanks to an interlocking assembly system. The design is intended to replace traditional six-pack plastic rings. Grupo Modelo will make the Fit Pack blueprints freely available so all can-makers can adopt the design. 

Good riddance, plastic rings! This innovation was brought to us by spotter Eduardo Peñafiel, based in Mexico City. 

OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS. Has someone at Corona been reading our Trend Briefings? 😉Last year we wrote about how creating and then giving away innovative solutions to our toughest shared challenges – including plastic waste – is a bold new frontier for action on sustainability. Eduardo says: ‘This move challenges the industry to really fulfill their promises around their intentions to care about our planet.’ There should be no ‘trade secrets’ when it comes to saving the environment. So how can you leverage your people, expertize and resources to solve a tough shared challenge – and then share that solution with the world?

Revolutionary impact. Grupo Modelo aren’t the only ones embracing this trend; a past IoTD featured Allbirds and their new open-source formula for sustainable shoe foam. Meanwhile, McDonalds and Starbucks partnered on a competition to design and open-source a compostable takeaway cup. Plastic rings, shoe foam, and takeaway cups: three massive sustainability challenges at the heart of three huge industries. Want to focus your OPEN SOURCE effort? Ask yourself: what is the core sustainability or ethical challenge for our industry today? What kind of innovation would have a revolutionary impact when it comes to that challenge?

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