21 July 2020

This quarter, Ireland-headquartered babycare brand WaterWipes launched The Early Days Club: a virtual platform giving parents access to healthcare professionals and a support network during the pandemic. Via Zoom calls, parents could interact live with experts and influencers; the first session, hosted by comedian and TV personality Ellie Taylor, featured guest spots from Dr. Laura Lenihan and midwife Marie Louise, both of whom were expecting. The move was part #thisisparenthood, an ongoing WaterWipes initiative celebrating the honest reality of parenting.

While the pandemic is impacting everyone, it isn’t hitting all consumers equally hard. Like WaterWipes, perhaps some (or all) of the individuals in your customer base are in a particularly difficult spot — new parents have to contend with all the widespread challenges COVID presents (job loss, health issues, etc.) and a screaming baby on top of that. Offering a support network, introducing customers to individuals who can relate to their current situation, can also be incredibly impactful. A recent study at Florida State University found that consumers are more apt to be there for each other, as consumers feel more supported by each other now than they did before the pandemic

Even after your customer has purchased your product or service, could they then join a community your brand has created? Doing so can not only provide some much-needed human connection, but also keep consumers engaged with your organization.

Stay healthy,

The TrendWatching content team