19 November 2020

In Namibia as in many other countries, street vendors were evicted from their regular city corners in an attempt to fight COVID-19. When they were allowed to return, the limited movement of people during lockdown — as well as stricter regulations for vendors — meant that sales continued to take a serious hit. 

The UNDP's Namibia Accelerator Lab partnered with e-commerce platform Tambula to provide informal traders with a way to reach both regulars and new customers. A pilot project in Windhoek specifically focused on vendors that sell fruit and vegetables. Products were purchased from vendors and delivered to customers who ordered online. (Similarly, CHABI CHIC launched #savethemedina to support artisans in Marrakech.)

Around the world, the informal sector has been hammered by measures taken to contain the pandemic. How can you help makers keep making and traders keep trading?

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