Line drawing showing how to remove shelves from an IKEA bookcase

26 February 2021 

IKEA releases disassembly instructions to help customers reuse furniture

Though people frequently joke (or despair) about following IKEA's line-drawn instructions for assembling a RÅGRUND or a FJÄLLBO, there's rarely a mention of the opposite process: how to take them apart. But whether consumers are moving house or selling a piece they no longer need, reusing furniture is an obvious way to extend its life. And taking it apart correctly reduces the risk of damaging a part or not being able to reassemble it again.

As part of a wider effort towards lowering its environmental impact, IKEA UK has now released disassembly instructions for six of its most popular products. They're at least as detailed as the assembly manuals, with a final page showing how many of which parts should be left over when the job is done. When it's time to reassemble, users can download the original assembly instructions from IKEA's website, as long as the product is still sold.

From IKEA helping to reuse a shelving unit, to Selfridges repairing and reselling clothing, consumers increasingly expect brands to take responsibility for a product's full life cycle. What can you do to help your customers prolong the useful life of whatever you sell them?

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