Get Vegan Grub 2-04

10 November 2020

Get Vegan Grub aims to be an ethical alternative to Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eats. The vegan part is simple: as a food delivery platform, it will only offer plant-based dishes. But its mission doesn't end there: Get Vegan Grub is embedding non-violence throughout its business. Research is done on companies before partnering with them: do they pay their workers decent wages? Do they play fairly in their marketplace?

Unlike some other platforms, Get Vegan Grub — which is operational in Manchester and will launch in London in February 2021 — pledges not to overcharge restaurants. No joining fees or monthly minimums, either. It has also made a deliberate choice to only work with smaller and independent restaurants, and encourages chefs to use environmentally-friendly packaging. 

It's unlikely that Fairphones will outsell iPhones, unlikely that organic will outgrow conventional, but every Goliath offers opportunities for purpose-driven Davids: if your product and messaging are strong, you will be able to peel off a subset of consumers who share your vision. And you might even be able nudge the behemoths to change their ways. So to all you Davids out there: go get 'em. And Goliaths: disrupt yourselves before someone else does.

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