24 November 2020

Following the launch of its new skincare brand Botik, Brazilian O Boticário recently announced plans to train women aged 40 and older to become digital influencers. Candidates could apply through the cosmetics brand’s website by sending in a mini-biography relating to self-esteem and self-care. 

O Boticário has now selected 200 women to take part in their online influencer course. Products have been shipped to participants, and posts tagged #GeraçãoBotik have started appearing on Instagram (including the photo we used, by @simoneoliver). 

A clever move by O Boticário! While aspiration will always be an active ingredient in the beauty industry, the reality is that a fifty-year-old's skin is different from that of a twenty-year-old. By actively encouraging an older group of women to join the influencer community, O Boticário isn't just promoting its own brand, but increasing visibility and inclusion of women who — despite the rise of 60+ make-up vloggers and 80+ fashion icons — are still underrepresented.

Stay healthy,

The TrendWatching content team

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