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New York-based social shopping platform Choosy launched in July 2018, utilizing Instagram comments to create affordable designs on demand. Users that come across a garment they like on Instagram – for example worn by a celebrity – can comment with the brand's handle @getchoosy. Based on the popularity of tagged items, Choosy then uses AI to identify the top 10 trending items of the week, before using them as inspiration to design new pieces. They are then sold directly to consumers in limited-edition ‘drops’, with all pieces sold priced under USD 100.

Fast fashion meets social shopping meets remix culture: all to satisfy consumers’ relentless desire for ubiquitous access and instant gratification. Yes, there are many that will question Choosy’s originality (surely it’s only a matter of time before Choosy’s designs end up on Diet Prada?!), but you can’t argue with its attempt to turn an existing consumer behavior into a novel new business model.

Want to tap into the zeitgeist of your industry? Here are some thought-starters:

  • Choosy leverages Instagram comments to source consumer input. Where are your customers already signalling what they want, and are there novel and convenient ways you can collect this information?

Choosy’s focus is unashamedly on the here-and-now. At the same time, ‘slow fashion’ is a trend too. The lesson: consumers want different things! Pick a side, and lean in hard: are you faster and cheaper, or slower and longer-lasting?

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