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Myro, an eco-friendly deodorant brand, launched in September 2018. Unlike traditional disposable deodorants, Myro is made using a plant-based formula that contains no aluminum or parabens. Myro comes in a reusable plastic case that uses 50% less plastic than typical, single use deodorant containers. Users refill their case with deodorant pods, which are home delivered every three months. The pods are recyclable.  

From plastic straws to condoms to discarded temple flowers, consumers are waking up to negative environment consequences in places they never thought to look before. When it comes to deodorant, Myro deals with the single use plastics issue, while also turning a simple product into a high-end, ultra-convenient service.

It’s an instant-classic example of an innovation that reframes customer expectations. Many who hear about Myro – including you, right now? – will ask themselves: why can’t my deodorant be sustainable, healthy, and delivered to my door? Why can’t all my household goods?

Three thoughts to leave with...

- So you want to start a business? Take an unsexy, everyday product. Give it an eco and health makeover. Turn up the design to 11. Offer it on subscription. Boom. You’re welcome.

- Myro packs a coordinated one-two punch of eco-friendliness and ultra-convenience: pods are delivered (convenient) because the container is reusable (eco). Could you reframe the sustainability discussion in your industry by developing an eco-friendly alternative that is compelling because it’s more convenient?

- More broadly, turning deodorant into a service allowed Myro space to reimagine the product and its eco and health impacts. Can you do the same for what you do, or an aspect of it?

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