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UK-based cosmetics company Lush made superfan Nicole McRonney-Apaw the star of their new campaign this season. After being a fan for six years, collecting over 300 products, and even flying from North America to the UK to buy exclusive scents, Nicole contacted the CEO of Lush to give advice about social media marketing. Her dedication was noted: she eventually gained an in-store position at Lush in 2017, before moving into a communications role. Now, Nicole is the face of Lush’s new body scrub campaign!

Quite a story, right? And one with a powerful lesson for any business. In today’s ruthless attention marketplace, it’s easy to become obsessed with influencers and what they can do for your brand. But just like Lush, you may have your own BRAND FANATICS: superfans who know you inside out, love what you do, and even invest elements of their personal identity in your brand. Once that becomes clear, the central question is: are you making the most of these people?

Two further questions to help you break that down…

In an environment of rising transparency, your internal culture is ever more a part of your brand (yep, we’re talking GLASS BOX BRANDS). How can you find the superfans already inside your organisation and empower them to share their fandom with the world? Of course, you can hire some superfans too...

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