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Every Friday we share local innovation insights sourced from tw:in, our global trend community. Here’s this week’s Spot of the Week!

Belgian supermarket Delhaize recently launched a series of package redesigns to make vegetables more exciting for kids. The initiative comes after finding that only five percent of Belgians are eating the recommended amount of vegetables and fruits, with children eating the lowest amount. 12 vegetables were reimagined for this 10 week campaign. For example, carrots became ‘orange rockets’, chicory became ‘dragon teeth’, and cucumbers were rebranded as ‘frisbees for elves’. Delhaize worked closely with children in multiple schools to come up with the new names.

We heard about Delhaize’s move from Grietje Vermoortele, our tw:in member in Belgium, who shared her perspective: “I thought it was lovely to see a retailer use its imagination and creativity for a good cause: to motivate children to eat more vegetables. Since it’s a lot of work for parents to encourage their children to eat more healthily, this is a nice way of making their job easier by giving veggies this magical makeover.”

It isn’t breaking news that getting children to eat vegetables can be a Herculean task. But Delhaize saw the data, recognized it as a paint point for parents and decided it was in their power to act. Beyond showing empathy and taking action on behalf of their customer, they co-created the solution with the end user, a well-known yet underutilized tactic in innovation. And dragons are undeniably cooler than cucumbers.

Want to build a stronger relationship with your customer? Which longstanding paint point(s) in their life are you willing to tackle, and how might you involve them in the process?

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