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Three Shifts That Will Define the Decade (and How to Make the Most of Them)

By The TrendWatching Team, 11 October 2021
Livia Fioretti recently presented for General Assembly Singapore. We've plucked a few of the key learnings from her presentation and squashed them into a neat, five-minute read.

How to Become an ACCLIMATOR: Apply Our Latest Trend Now

By Robbie Hodges, 5 October 2021
We show you how to turn the takeaways from Make→Shift: ACCLIMATORS into a boundary-pushing business innovation that actually responds to the needs of the modern consumer.

Google Singapore, University of Amsterdam and More: TrendWatching’s September Gigs

By The TrendWatching Team, 1 October 2021
From Sustainable Brands Turkey to Google in Singapore, September was a riot of client reports, workshops and keynotes. Here’s just a few of the client gigs we executed last month.

Your Next Meaningful Business Opportunity? Join Our Team!

By The TrendWatching Team, 1 October 2021
We're embarking on an exciting journey to assist future-focused brands in every possible way to identify and run with meaningful business opportunities.

Fashion Spotlight: Three Ways Brands Can Respond to the IPCC Report

By Caitlin Hughan, 8 September 2021
Read the IPCC report? It's time to make a positive change. See how these innovative fashion brands are paving the way for a greener tomorrow.

Vaccinology Barbie and 3D-Printed Coral in Hong Kong: Inside Tw:in’s September Newsletter

By Joaquim Moody, 3 September 2021
In our tw:in newsletter we round up the most captivating innovations shared by members of our spotter's network each month. Join tw:in for hundreds more.

Olympics Strike Gold and Lufthansa Goes Gender Neutral: Inside Tw:in’s August Newsletter

By Bruna Boucinha, 3 August 2021
A brief excerpt from tw:in's monthly newsletter. Want more? Join tw:in to access hundreds of bright ideas and to share spottings of your own.

HEC Paris, QGlue, Verizon and More: TrendWatching’s July Gigs

By Robbie Hodges, 2 August 2021
From a keynote presentation for Qglue in India to a workshop with MBA students at HEC in Paris, here is a snapshot of what we got up to in July.